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XLT conveyor pizza oven

XLT conveyor pizza oven have created products that runs at a low cost and performs well.
XLT ovens uses quality components so there conveyor ovens last longer and is more cost effective in long term.
There are many different models of XLT conveyor ovens and all models are triple stackable.

The current models are:
XLT 1832 Oven, XLT 2440 Oven, XLT 3240 Oven, XLT 3255 Oven, XLT 3270 Oven, XLT 3855 Oven, XLT 3870 Oven.

Some of the XLT Pizza oven features are:
(1) A front sandwich door to load/unload, it gives different cook times,
(2) A Single switch design which makes on and off easy
(3) The Conveyors is able to be set up to move either right to left or left to right
(4) A Perforated crumb tray
(6) Digital microprocessor controlled bake time & temperature
(7) Air impingement process delivering consistent heat
(8) Gas fired configurations

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